HMM....                                                                                                         Signifies both the principal's initials and a figure of speech used to express a mindset of inquiry and thoughtful absorption.

HMM....Leverages expertise in technology, experience in construction, and an intense focus on serving customer and community to create buildings that help sustain the city, the environment, and the people who use them.

HMM....Is a mission-driven architecture firm dedicated to curiosity, open-mindedness, intentionality, execution, and—above all—honesty. Honesty in everything: relationships, communication, architectural expression, and personal and professional conduct.

Mathias Mortenson, AIA, LEED AP

Head Shot - wide BLANK - BandW.jpg

....Has 15 years of experience in the design and construction industries working first as a laborer, carpenter, and CAD wonk; then as a project architect for firms in New York, LA, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco; next as a construction coordinator for a national contractor based in Minneapolis; finally starting HMM in 2015. Read more here.  

....Believes that architecture is both an art and a service, and that equal attention to both is necessary to make the building as good as it can be.

....Has a wife, two children, and two dogs, all of whom are intermittently beautiful and unruly.